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Online & Virtual Services

Size, Fit or Style Questions while shopping online? Text or Call us at (608) 867 - 4059 and we can suggest the best size & styles! Tuesday - Friday 10am - 6pm, Saturday 10am - 4pm CST Email

Virtual Consults & Fittings

15 Min Expert Fitter Consult - A La Lingerie Fitter will guide on the best styles & sizes to choose based on your desires, size, fit issues and fit. The fitter will ask you over the phone or via videochat about your size, lingerie & swim history and match styles to your needs. 

30 Min Virtual Fitting - A more in-depth fitting with a La Lingerie Fitter. This is done with secure videochat. Fitter will determine your size and suggest styles for you as every bra fits different. The videochat fitting will include questions on size, history, fit-issues, desires, and styles. Trying on a few of your own bras and the fitter will walk you through the fit of each one. This will help the fitter determine the size your size. . Every bra fits a bit different, so your fitter is here to help you find your size and styles. The fitter will suggest styles based on your shape, skin and bone sensitivities and frame.

Try-on Virtual Fitting - The most in-depth offering for Virtual Fittings. La Lingerie Fitters will do an initial 30 min virtual fit (see above description) and then we will send product for you to try and do a follow-up video chat to ensure proper fit of styles and also make more style suggestions on what will fit you best. We take a deposit to ship the product and then charge only for what is kept. 

10 Min Fit Checks - Once you've bought your La Lingerie item, fitters are available for a fit-check once it is received. The fitter will walk you through setting your bra straps, lifting your breasts in the bra correctly and hooking the bra on the right clasp.

Already a La Lingerie Client? We can help you via videochat, phone, text or email!

Suggesting New Styles If you have been fit by us, we have your size, purchase history & wishlist on file! La Lingerie's Fitters are masters of  style and fit and we can suggest alternative or new styles that will fit you based on your history! 

Sending product to try Want to try some new product or need to be re-sized? Contact us and we can calculate your size and send you product to try at home! We take a deposit to ship the product and then charge for only what is kept. 
Call (608) 630-9294 ~ Text (608) 867 - 4059 ~ Email