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La Lingerie’s Virtual Fitting Services

La Lingerie is known for expert educational fittings. We want to ensure that our clients continue to have a resource in finding well-fitted, comfortable garments from the comfort of home! We are thrilled to now offer our fitting services virtually!

Book your Virtual Fittings by calling us now at (608) 630-9294!

Virtual Fit & Fit Boxes: Request a virtual fitting with a La Lingerie fitter and we will package up 4-6 items within your size and preferences for you to try at home! We charge a $100 deposit to ship the 4-6 items and there is no commitment to purchase, though shipping charges apply and are non-refundable. Available in all categories: Swimwear, Bras, Boudoir & Sleepwear.

Virtual Bra Fittings: Experience a La Lingerie educational bra fitting virtually with video chat! The process includes an initial consultation with sizing, a shipment with La Lingerie bras sent to your home and a final bra fitting and fit check with the shipped bras. See the detailed step-by-step process below!

Virtual Fit-Checks: Ordered a product online or over the phone and want a fit check? Request a 5-10 minute video chat with one of La Lingerie's fitters to ensure your ordered items are the correct fit and are adjusted properly. Fit-checks are also available through photos sent by text or email!

Virtual Swimsuit Fittings: This process includes a short virtual bra fit to determine bra size, and then we discuss swimwear history and preferences. We will make suggestions based on your size and shape, and you can then pick out the suits you want to try. We will package up to 6 swimsuits and ship them to you! We will take a $100 deposit and there is no commitment to purchase. You only pay for shipping and anything you choose to keep. Once items arrive, we will provide a follow-up video chat consultation to ensure proper fit of swimwear.

Virtual Boudoir Lingerie Fittings: Looking for something for a special occasion or boudoir photo shoot? Discuss your boudoir wardrobe desires over video chat or phone consult! The fitter will then determine your size and give you suggestions on what will fit you best based on your preferences and body shape. Once products arrive, a fitter is available for another virtual fitting to ensure products fit properly.

Virtual Sleepwear Fittings: Find comfy items for sleep and lounge at La Lingerie! Discuss your desires for your sleepwear wardrobe over video chat or phone consult. The fitter will determine your size and give you suggestions on what will fit you best based on your preferences and body shape. Once the product arrives, an educational virtual fitting is available to ensure the product fits properly.

La Lingerie's Virtual Services are currently available Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm.

Call: (608) 630-9294
Text: (608) 867-4059


Detailed Steps to a Virtual Bra Fitting:

1. Set Up Contact us to set up your Virtual Fitting or Fit-Check. We use video chat (Facetime or Zoom) or you can send us photos via email/text.

2. Initial Consultation & Size Determination At your appointment time, we will call you via FaceTime/Zoom from our cell number, (608) 867-4059. We'll start with discussing your bra history and preferences. Then your fitter will walk you through taking a band measurement and trying on a couple of your current bras to estimate your size. Once we determine your size, we will put together a small shipment to send you a few bras to try on. You will be charged against your $100 deposit for the shipping (return label and package insurance included).

3. Bra Try-on & Fitting Once your bras arrive, please contact us to set up your second video chat fitting. During this fitting, your fitter will check the fit and determine your correct size via video chat. She will also share with you other styles that may fit your body shape and size. She will walk you through her top suggestions. You can purchase the bras that were initially shipped to you and also purchase more styles on our website or over the phone if you desire. 

4. Return Send back the styles that didn't work with the provided return label. If you're returning all of the bras and not wanting to try on or purchase any other styles, we will refund your deposit less the shipping costs. Depending on how many bras are mailed, shipping costs are between $20-$40 including insurance and a return label. We offer contactless pick-up and drop-off of products for those who are local and prefer to avoid the shipping costs for their virtual fitting.

5. Fit-Check of other purchased styles Purchased more styles? We are here for fit-checks upon their arrival to ensure proper fit. All bras vary in fit and style, so even if a bra is in the same size, it may not be the right fit for your shape. Your fitter will also walk you through any adjustments needed on the new styles. 

Whether you live out-of-town, are staying in the comfort of home or live locally and just can’t make it in for a visit, La Lingerie’s Virtual Services are here to bring our educational fitting experience to you! Book your virtual fitting with us today to find bras, swimwear, and lingerie you love!

~ the la lingerie team

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  • Congratulations to the wonderful women of La Lingerie for ten years of fabulous fittings, gorgeous, wide-ranging products, and beautiful feelings in your shop. You are a dream come true for women everywhere! Congratulations for all you do! 🎉🎉🎉

    Ellen Ullsvik

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