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La Lingerie Swim Buying Guide

In some ways, it can be tougher to shop for a swimsuit than it is to shop for a bra. Not only does it need to fit your body well, but it also needs to fit your personal style preferences and comfort level. For this reason, La Lingerie works hard for our clients to provide a wide range of styles and colors from swim manufacturers we trust to make quality swimsuits that are ethically made. While any of our swimsuits would be a great choice, finding the one (or two, or three!) that you love involves asking a couple questions.

How many pieces?

One-piece or two? Are you interested in a tankini or bikini only? Each option has its own considerations.

Left: Gottex Lily V-Neck One Piece, $188. Right: Gottex Paparazzi Plus Swimdress, $178

One-pieces. As an elegant all-in-one, one-pieces often offer a lot of coverage, especially for the belly area. Because of the coverage and the classic silhouette, many clients come in looking for one-pieces. One-piece swimsuits offer a beautiful way to be in a swimsuit and have nice coverage as well as tuck in our midriff area. It’s also nice to know there’s no possibility of forgetting half your swimsuit at home!

We love our one-pieces. We even have specific styles depending on your body shape and size. We have many styles of one-piece, some of which are designed to fit longer frames or with wires for more stable support. We carry one pieces with bust sizes up to a HH cup as well as up to size 24 in store.

Left: Elomi Magnetic A-Line Tankini Top, $90. Right: Tara Grinna Long Asymmetrical Tankini, $109.

Tankinis. Tankinis are a great option for those who want a lot of coverage and in two pieces. Two separate pieces can make it easier for bathroom trips as well as allow the client to fit both top and bottom separately. You can mix-and-match for more variety, as well as choose different sizes on both top and bottom.

Bikinis. You might be surprised to learn that bikinis are the number one selling silhouette at La Lingerie. Bikinis offer the best opportunity to fit well since top and bottom are separate and they have the least amount of extra fabric that might get in the way or roll uncomfortably. Especially for those with larger busts, bikinis often offer the same fit as a bra, which contributes to comfort and wearability. We also offer high-waisted bottoms so only a little bit of skin shows.

Some shy away from bikinis because of the lack of coverage. However, we find that baring more skin can often be more flattering. Just like the idea that it’s more flattering to wear something that fits your body as it is rather than wearing something that is too small or too large, revealing portions of our bodies we are self-conscious about can actually draw less attention than covering them up would. We encourage all of our clients to try styles of more and less coverage than they might have come in looking for, no matter your size, shape, or age. And if you do need just a bit more coverage to feel comfortable, we have amazing high-waisted bottom options!

Left: Simone Perele Cadaques Balconette Swim Top, $130, and matching Retro Brief Swim Bottom, $80. Right: Tara Grinna UW Bikini Top with Overlay, $92, and matching High Waist Fold-Over Bottom, $74.

Does it fit?

A suit can have a beautiful design and be in the style you prefer, but if it doesn’t fit, it can be uncomfortable. As you try on swimsuits, there are a couple helpful things to pay attention to.

Support. We have suits with wires for ultimate support and also suits without wire that offer more flexibility. Not everyone needs a swimsuit that has wires or that provides the same level of support as a bra. Each of us knows how much support we need to be comfortable. With this in mind, La Lingerie’s fitters will ensure that there aren’t any obvious issues with the fit on top (spillage, gappy cups, etc.). The most important question we ask is whether you feel comfortable.

Also keep in mind the activities you might engage in while in your suit. Personally, I am very active in my pool and beach activities: I want to be able to hike at Devil’s Lake and jump off a boulder into the water. For that, I like bra-sized, wired bikini tops for very stable support. However, if you envision relaxing poolside with a book and only occasionally dipping your toes, you might want a suit that isn’t quite so rigid.

Jets Jetset E/F UW One Piece, $187.

Snugness. A common mistake in swimsuit shopping is to accidentally get a size too big. A lot of us aren’t used to tight clothing, but swimsuits need to be snug to the body to function well. Once you are in the water, the fabric loosens and becomes more elastic. The water also makes the fabric heavy when you get out of the water. This can lead to saggy bottoms and tops that are too big around the ribs to give support (or in some cases stay on!).

An easy way to tell if a one-piece or swim bottom is too big is to look at your bum. If there are any wrinkles or ripples along the bottom edge of the fabric, you might want to try the size down. Even slight wrinkles indicate that there is too much fabric, which will get much worse when wet.

For swim tops, ensure that the band is snug around you in a way that feels secure. Ties can be helpful here, as they can be tightened as much as you want them to be. And if it’s difficult to tie them as securely as you want them to be right away, there’s usually a helpful friend around to snug them up before you get in the water!

Don't forget a cover up! Jets Empire Kaftan, $75.

How does it feel?

The desire is to find a swimsuit that feels so comfortable that you forget you’re even in one! Enjoy your friends, family and the water activities rather than focusing on your swimsuit. To feel comfortable in a swimsuit, it’s about finding the right fit and your personal comfort level with the style, the color, and the amount of coverage.

It’s more important that you feel good in your own skin. It can be a challenge to navigate swimsuit shopping as you are looking for an item to wear in public that bares more of your body than normal. When trying on swimsuits, be it in-store or during a virtual fit, we suggest that you bring your attention to how the suit feels as well as how it looks. A swimsuit that fits, will flatter.

La Lingerie carries quality styles from ethical brands around the world. These suits are a great investment and will last because of their construction and engineering. We strive to have as wide an array of sizes and styles as possible so it’s easy to find swimsuits that fit everyone. Swimsuit shopping can be fun and exciting when you have the right sizes to choose from and the expert assistance. We are here to help you find a swimsuit that fits and find the one (or two 😉) that feels happy and comfortable.

Freya Jewel Cove UW Bikini Top, $60, and matching Bikini Brief, $35.

Are you ready to find a swimsuit that’s right for you? Book an appointment or schedule a virtual swim fit today!

~ Trillian & the la lingerie team


*All photos are from our 8th Annual Fashion Show Benefit for DAIS! Some items are no longer available or have limited stock left and are not on our website. If you are interested in a piece that does not link to a webpage, please give us a call and we can let you know what is still available!




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