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Foundation Wear for Your Bum: Panty Buying Guide

Before working at La Lingerie, one of my previous coworkers just assumed that everyone walked around with a wedgie most of the day. That was what she was used to, and it wasn’t until trying a new style of better-quality underwear that she learned this was not the case.

This illustrates the main reason why it is just as important to find underwear that fits correctly as it is to find bras that fit: if your foundation wear fits well, you will spend less time and energy adjusting or fussing with it. When you no longer feel the need to adjust your underwear, you can stop thinking about it and focus without distraction on other things. Finding the right underwear means finding some that work with your bum instead of against it.

Breathability and Fabric

All underwear needs to be breathable! Every pair of underwear La Lingerie stocks has a 100% cotton lining in the gusset (crotch). Cotton is moisture-wicking and helps to keep you dry where bacteria are most likely to cause you issues. Ensure that if you’re buying something to wear all day that the gusset is made of cotton and the rest of the panty is just as breathable.

Natori Bliss Panty Styles: Bikini, French Cut, BriefNatori’s Bliss panty options (Girl Brief (bikini), French Cut, and Full Brief) are 96% cotton, with a trim of lace for a touch of charm and added smoothness. These have the highest cotton content in La Lingerie’s selection.

However, that doesn’t mean that you need to have all cotton all the time. One-size options like Natori’s Bliss Perfection Bikini and Thong or Chantelle’s entire Soft Stretch collection are made of special synthetic materials. Because they are intended to fit a variety of shapes and sizes, the material is made to be extremely stretchy while also being incredibly light-weight. These also tend to dry much more quickly after washing than options with more cotton.

When used as an accent or as the entirety of the panty, lace can also add to breathability. Lace is intentionally light-weight and makes as great an option for underwear as it does for bras. As long as the quality is good, lace panties are a long-lasting, breathable choice for wearing every day.

Simone Perele Delice Boyshort
The Delice Boyshort is Simone Perele’s #1 for a reason. The elegance of this lace is as unparalleled as its breathability and makes a wonderfully comfortable everyday option.


Just as there are many bra styles, there are many panty styles. The style or styles that work for you will depend on your body shape, your personal tastes, and in some cases what you’re wearing. Depending on your personal preferences, you may find that you only like one style. Or you may find that your wardrobe demands a few different styles.

For example, I personally prefer bikini or boyshort style underwear. I like more coverage behind and I don’t mind a lower leg at the front. Because of the way I’m built (i.e. short), I find that high-waisted options like briefs don’t sit still and just continue to climb up on me, even though I would in theory love to have a higher coverage option for under dresses.

Chantelle Soft Stretch Boyshort
My go-to boyshort style, the Chantelle Soft Stretch Boyshort. ☺️

In contrast, one of my coworkers loves the same boyshorts I do. She finds them so comfortable, they’re what she sleeps in. Yet, she finds that they are too bulky for her to wear comfortably under jeans, so when she does wear jeans, she chooses to wear thongs instead.

Aesthetics and Matching

One last consideration when looking for underwear is that if you are going to wear it, you should want to. For many, comfort alone will determine whether you want to wear it, but for others it’s also about how it looks and coordination.

On the more “practical” side of this are panty lines. While not an issue under looser clothes or heavier fabrics, noticeable lines under leggings or dresses can be distracting. If you tend to wear clothing under which this would be a problem, look for panty options that are seamless along the edges or that are edged in lace. If you want to avoid the issue entirely, see if thongs are the right choice for you.

Cosabella Never Say Never Comfie Cutie Thong
Not only is this thong invisible under any kind of clothing, the lace of the Cosabella Comfie is easy to coordinate with many bra options, even from other brands!

Along with how it looks under clothing, it also matters—at least to me—how it looks without. I don’t necessarily wear a matching set every day, but I do when I’m feeling down, if I know it’s going to be a particularly hard day, or when I just want a boost of fun or confidence! And even if it doesn’t match exactly, I find coordinating outfits down to my underwear gives me just a tiny bit more motivation in the morning. ☺

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~ Trillian & the la lingerie team


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