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Lounging Around: Bras for Wearing at Home

What kind of bra is best in a pandemic? While many are opting for none at all and some of us can’t seem to be comfortable all day without their wired bras (*raises hand*), a lot of us want something in the middle: a bra that will keep you in place, but a lot less restrictive for all-day, lounging comfort. Luckily, lounge bras and bralettes are perfect for this situation.

The terms “lounge bra” and “bralette” are pretty much interchangeable. They are different names for bras that are relatively unstructured and flexibly sized (S-XL or by band size). While they are generally the same, we at La Lingerie would say there are a few things that differentiate them.

Lounge bras are made of soft, stretchy fabric and are typically seamlessly constructed. Ultimately made and worn for comfort, there are few embellishments if any. They are also usually made to go on over the head and have zero adjustment in the straps or band.

Bralettes are a bit more aesthetically focused than lounge bras, usually incorporating lace and embroidery in the design. A lot of bralettes go on like typical bras, too, so they can be a bit more adjustable. Most bralettes are intended for smaller cup sizes, but brands like Cosabella are recognizing that the larger-busted among us are interested in these pretty, yet more relaxed styles.

As unstructured as lounge bras and bralettes are, they can provide enough support for daily wear when comfort and relaxation are more important than, say, separation and lift. As such, they are wonderful for quick errands out of the house, puttering about on slow mornings, or when vacationing with the grandkids or in-laws.

Below are a few of our favorites!

Wacoal Embrace Lace Bralette

This bralette has been a La Lingerie client favorite for years! The classic lace gets recolored twice per season and is both beautiful and comfortable. Best for smaller cups (A-D), we typically recommend going up a band size as this bralette runs snug.

Chantelle Soft Stretch Padded Bra Top

This lounge bra has a great amount of coverage and fits up to an H cup. The integrated padded cups won’t move around on you and the more robust band around your ribs keeps your breasts secure. (For a less-coverage version, try the Soft Stretch Scoop Bralette!) Use the size chart below to see which size would work best for you:
16A1 size chart

Wacoal B-Smooth Bralette

Similar to the Soft Stretch option above, this has lots of coverage. I like the B-Smooth’s removable pads, which gives the option to leave them in for nipple coverage or take them out for more breathability.  This can run a tad tight, but I would recommend getting your band size if you are A-D, but get the size up if you are an E-H cup.

Cosabella Racie Curvy Bralette

Cosabella’s Curvy Bralettes have become a fast-favorite among La Lingerie clients! Cosabella is the first company to truly cater to those of us with a smaller band size and larger cups to offer busty gals a true “bralette” option. This is a great solution for our clients who do not fit in the typical bralette sizing. The Racie, and its sister the Sweetie, are made with beautiful Italian lace and are flexibly-sized, over-the-head options for F cups and larger. For best results, use our size chart below to find your size:Cosabella Racie size chart

Bralettes and lounge bras have very flexible sizing. If you’re unsure which style or size to get, call us at (608) 630-9294 or send us an email at, and our fitter-on-call can give suggestions based on her expert knowledge!

~ Trillian & the la lingerie team


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