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La Lingerie: The Beginning

As a young woman, I developed early and it made me quite uncomfortable. I was noticed before I knew how to handle the attention. I was uneasy reaching out for help from loved ones on how to handle my ever-growing body. And then the uncomfortable bra shopping experience, forget it.  I would spend hours in department stores, not even paying attention to price, just hoping to find something that fit and that was possibly cute. I was only 15 and I wanted to feel 15.

A few years later, I started working in American lingerie stores. It was there that I noticed how many women were in the same position as I was: they couldn’t find their fit. I was lucky enough to find a new job at a European lingerie boutique, which is where I found my perfect size, a 32G. It was life changing. I no longer struggled. I no longer felt uncomfortable. I could wear lace and fun colors. I could wear a strapless. I found a supportive sports bra. The opportunities were endless! I felt accepted, embraced and empowered for just being me. Bras became my friend instead of my enemy. My body became my friend instead of my enemy.

Once I found my true fit, the seed was planted. I wanted to open a lingerie boutique and share this new-found knowledge with as many women as I could. I felt it was my duty. It also sounded really fun.

So I created La Lingerie. At an early age and stage in life, I found a passion and opened a business around it. And now, ten years later, La Lingerie is still serving the women of Wisconsin and I could not be more proud to have created a place for women to feel just as I did when I found my perfect fit: accepted, embraced and empowered.

~ Katherine

Katherine at La Lingerie's 8th Annual Fashion Show Benefit for DAIS.

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  • My story is so very different from yours. But what you built here in Madison gave me that same welcoming embrace. Thank you so much.

    Vica Steel

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