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Foundations First: La Lingerie’s Bra Fitting Appointments

What happens during an appointment? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial of your first bra fitting appointment at La Lingerie.

First, the introduction. Your fitter will introduce herself and lead you back to one of our private fitting rooms. There, she’ll ask you questions about what you are looking for and whether you have specific issues with the bras you have. Do you have a favorite bra style? Do your straps fall off your shoulders? Do you like or dislike wires? She’ll also walk you through the fit so you know what to expect.
Our fitting rooms have four, solid walls and a door. No curtains here! There is plenty of space if you want to bring a partner or friend to your fitting for support.
We have cozy, private fitting rooms with plenty of space if you want to bring a partner or friend to your appointment!

Next is a quick measurement and sizing. Your fitter will have you stand up so she can measure around your rib cage, just under your breasts. This measurement will allow her to estimate your band size based on our knowledge and experience of how tight bras should be. With that estimate, your fitter will step out to find one bra for you to try. Unlike other stores, La Lingerie fitters don’t take a second measurement around the fullest part of your bust. In our experience, bust measurements tend to be inaccurate. Because breasts are so different in density, shape, depth, etc., we find that a trained fitter’s eye is better at this first estimate than a measurement.

First bra try-on for accurate size determination. Your fitter will come back with one bra for you to put on. This first bra may not be perfect, but it will be a step toward finding the best fits. Once you have it on, your fitter will take a look at how this bra fits you, all while adjusting the bra and explaining why the bra fits as it does. She will check the band to ensure it is tight enough, but not too tight. She’ll check and adjust the straps so they fit to you. She’ll check the wires both in the middle where they meet as well as on the sides to ensure they do not poke or bow out.

More bras to try. Once this first bra is thoroughly adjusted, your fitter will determine whether it is the correct size. If it is not, you and your fitter will try alternate sizes until we find your size. Using this bra as a guide, your fitter will then bring in every bra La Lingerie has in stock in your size, usually between 10-30 options.

Please note, you may be a different size in one bra than in the next. La Lingerie carries brands from across the globe and there are several ways of calculating bra size depending on where they are made. Even within the same brand, bands can run loose or snug and cups can run deep or shallow based on the style, the fabrics used, and other factors. Your fitter will apply her expert knowledge to make adjustments to size when necessary. She will pull the correct size for each bra to try on.

Going through the options. While your fitter stands behind you to ensure privacy, you will try on each bra. Your fitter will be in the room to help determine whether each bra is the correct fit or not. Just as she did with the first bra, she will walk through each element of the bra and make adjustments as needed. Your fitter will also keep track of the bras for you, separating the good fits from the bad until you only have good fits left in the room. As you are trying bras on with your fitter, be honest about how each bra feels and tell your fitter what you like or dislike about it. La Lingerie’s fitters are trained to hold onto that feedback so that once you are done trying everything on, she can walk you through all the options you like and remind you of what you may have liked/disliked about each bra. Then it is up to you to try the bras on again by yourself and determine which options you love! You also have the option of putting bras and other items on a wishlist we keep on file for you or a loved one to purchase from in the future.

Book your appointment with one of La Lingerie's expert fitters!*

~ Trillian & the la lingerie team

*La Lingerie is now open for hands-free fittings! We will provide the same high level of expertise as described above, but at a distance. We are also pleased to offer Virtual Fittings!

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